Our Culture

At Ingena, we nurture passion for sustainable development and the betterment of mankind by directing investments into projects, businesses or schemes that support our mission. Ultimately, our diverse team understands the human factor behind investing; this allows us to provide a varied, balanced and objective insight into the sustainable business practices.

Ingena’s culture is focused on our writers and analysts – the voices of our community. We aim to support our entire team with the following benefits:

Networking opportunities

We want to build a personal brand for each member of our team; we offer opportunities for networking with industry leaders, businesses and policymakers.

Flexible Work Opportunities

To maintain a diverse team, we understand that everybody has different commitments, lifestyles and work ethics. Therefore, Ingena team members are offered flexible working opportunities to maximise productivity, quality and fulfilment.

Quality research and industry connections

For our writers and analysts, we strive to provide as much advice, research or connections as possible to help further their knowledge and support their work.

Writer of the Month:


Michael combines excellent writing with thorough research. His most recent article is a great example of this, where he discussed the impact of a potential Biden win on the energy sector, detailing the underlying politics of the campaign whilst drawing strong conclusions from quantitative data. Besides his writing, Michael is fantastic to chat to and an all-round great guy, here’s to many more successful articles!

Hamza Hussain, Energy Editor

What inspired you to write about ESG investing?

I’ve worked in climate change since completing my MSc in development and security, where my thesis focused on climate change in India. My undergraduate degree was in economics, so the opportunity to combine understanding from both degrees in a single role was something that truly appealed to me. Equally, having studied the importance of financial markets, I knew the enormous role sustainable investing has in tackling many issues, such as climate change. While changes to habits and behaviours that are more mindful – like diet and travel – are great, redirecting mass financial resources to encompass ESG considerations can have a profoundly positive impact. Being able to contribute to research in that area motivates me.

What has been your favourite article to write for Ingena?

I wrote an article on the importance of investing in indigenous communities that I really enjoyed. Such groups are typically overlooked and exploited, despite them having essential knowledge to facilitate sustainable development and better understand changes in our environment. Writing that piece allowed me to learn more about how typical western society needs to work alongside indigenous groups in a collaborative way, rather than in the extractive way that too often happens.

What do you enjoy the most about the writing process?

I love learning new things and when writing about sustainable investing, ESG, climate change etc, there are so many topics within those broad categories. One week I may be writing about post-pandemic economic and environmental recovery and the next I’m writing about stranded assets. The opportunity to delve into different topics frequently and pick up new knowledge that I can use in research articles is my favourite part of the writing process.

Mike has consistently shown imagination and a dedication to evidence in his articles. They are well written and accessible, and its always a joy to read them. Even when I don’t have existing knowledge on the topic, they provide a good insight for the reader.

Laura Barr, Social Editor