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INGENA: Inspiring Sustainable Investment

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We are currently seeking to expand our team and are looking for creative, driven and enthusiastic:

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➜ Company Profile

At Ingena we pride ourselves in providing insight, news and analysis into the fast-expanding world of sustainable finance, socially responsible business, ESG investment, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our mission is simple: provide insights and analysis that challenge and educate on the importance of sustainable finance and its effects on environmental, social or governance issues, whilst spreading our passion for sustainable development. We want to spread awareness about the concepts of sustainable finance, socially responsible business and investment opportunities that will benefit society in the long term. For this reason our work, articles and analysis of the financial market is free to everyone.

➜ INGENA Opportunities:

Content Writer

Our writers provide high quality articles whilst sharing their passion and interest in sustainable finance and investments. As a writer at Ingena you will also have the opportunity to work alongside analysts to provide interesting and data rich content which is informative and useful to our targeted audience.


Our editors are a group of dedicated copywriters who ensure all content, especially news articles are perfect for our audience. Editors are encouraged to be available to consult and provide analytical support to our dedicated team of writers, providing them with the opportunity to develop communication and team leading skills.

Content Creator

Our content creators strive to provide interesting and informative content, from web pages all the way to captions. Content writers are given the opportunity to critically analyse the information provided by the writers and analysts and identify the key discoveries in the data to create information rich content for our readers.


Our analysts are a team of research focused individuals who pride themselves in providing high quality and rich data collection methods to generate accurate and relevant information for our audience.

➜ Benefits of Working at INGENA

We believe that our writers and analysts are the voices of our community and we want to provide you with opportunities to expand and grow in the world of sustainable finance.

At Ingena we want to create an environment which promotes professional development and personal growth. Therefore, we offer frequent networking sessions, workshops and webinars to really ensure that our team are the best that they can be.

Whether it be to expand their expertise in the industry, or assist you in your respected career aspirations, we want to resonate our mission to inspire throughout Ingena’s internal culture and values, and benefit you!

➜ Interested?

Are you interested in the opportunities Ingena has to offer? Do you believe you have what it takes to inspire others to learn about sustainable finance?
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