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Ingena analysts comb through publicly available data to draw insightful, useful and clear conclusions regarding issues within sustainable investment.

Our analysts strive to provide high quality reports on topics they believe have an impact on sustainable investing and also provide a service to those who request below:

Morningstar Finalises Acquisition of Sustainalytics

Morningstar finalised their acquisition of ESG ratings and research company Sustainalytics on Monday, building upon their continued efforts to provide sustainable investment analytics to the everyday investor. The purchase included an initial liquid offering of €55 million as well as performance-based cash payments based upon Sustainalytics’ revenue over the next two years. The Story The […]

Analysis: UK Hydroelectric Generation

Introduction Hydroelectric power is generated by the flow and strength of running, moving or falling water from rivers, the sea’s tides or using larger man-made systems such as dams and reservoirs. Turbines placed within the flow of water extract its kinetic energy and convert it to mechanical energy. This causes the turbines to rotate at […]

Analytical Assessment of UK Solar PV Capacity.

Introduction The most readily available form of energy, Solar Power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaics require incident light to induce current via the Photovoltaic Effect. The electricity produced is in the form of Direct Current (DC) and, in order to be used on the electrical grid or locally, requires an […]